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RC Hansen consulting LLC can provide OEE Value Stream Mapping and Analysis: Financial Quantification of the ‘Hidden Factory’ as well as on-site improvement project engagement for focused targets identified through initial assessment and analysis studies.

One of the most important steps for performance improvement is to clearly communicate the compelling business case for the ‘future state’ relative to the current state and construct consensus driven goals formed around meaningful measurements at the Shop Floor level. Building the Vision of what ‘World Class’ results could be answers the question ‘How much money are we leaving on the table every day?’

Optimizing the spectrum of alternative improvement projects relative to impact on Income From Operations (IFO) through Financial OEE methodologies surfaces the Where and When to apply key resources to maximize results.

Focusing on targeted Shop Floor actions that specifically link to highest plant site contribution (IFO) brings game changing results and a new competitive advantage to the organization. Breakaway Performance occurs by having an experienced Practitioner/Educator guiding daily actions using the ‘right’ OEE tools at the ‘right’ time to accelerate implementation.

RC Hansen Consulting engagement begins with a client by mutually defining a specific Work Scope Requirement that outlines the boundaries (number of product flow lines and count of equipment stations) of desired performance improvement. A detailed proposal is generated clarifying responsibilities for various project steps, and on agreement the initial Financial OEE Benchmarking: OEE Flowline/ World Class Performance Gap Analysis is performed. The report results identify the target areas and quantify the business case for further engagement in a Phase II project.

If your organization is stagnated with your current OEE initiative or has not started an OEE program, a 90 percent probability exists that your Leadership Team is losing well over $1 Million in profits (IFO) every year by not utilizing your existing resources properly.
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